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  • Starting February 24, 2024
  • Tuition: $2000 USD
  • Hybrid In-Person and On-line
  • Final Assessment included


Learn NLP with the founder of the Third Generation!

Objectives of the Course

The course provides tools to learn how to communicate better, to set goals with the aim of achieving the expected results, but above all to live with serenity and inner balance. The learning of the techniques takes place from three different perspectives, explicitly in the roles of: conductor (Guide), guided subject (Explorer) and external evaluator (Observer).

During the training, you acquire and develop communicative and relational skills and strategies. You learn how to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques in an ecological and respectful way for your personal growth.

Who is it for?

The course is open to anyone wishing to undertake a path of growth and awareness, aimed at improving the quality of their personal and professional life.

Systemic NLP

The heart, symbol of affection, of taking care of oneself and of the other, represents emotional intelligence together with the mind, a symbol of rationality, highlight the importance of realising changes in reality in order to adapt ones behaviour in a direction that produces added value for oneself, for others and for the environment. Together, the two symbols represent the human being in its highest expression.

Our Vision is to help people evolve with their hearts and minds. We believe that caring for relationships with everything around us is the key to living well in today’s world.

“Evolve with the heart and mind”

NLP Practitioner

The basic techniques of Generation III Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is to learn to be free and achieve one’s goals.

In the course you will learn how to:

• Develop clear goals

• Identify effective strategies for transforming goals into results

• Easily access the desired mood

• Reduce the influence of negative experiences

• Quickly connect with others

• Change your unwanted habits and adopt more productive behaviours

• Resolve inner conflicts or fears that block you

• Increase the effectiveness of communication; increase your persuasiveness

• Motivate yourself and motivate others

• Better manage your inner resources

• Achieve and maintain your inner balance

• Influence others with your serenity

• Observe reality from different perspectives

• Increase your self-esteem

• Approaching the resolution of your problems through your unconscious resources

• Knowing how to use the resources around you

• Use Mediation and Negotiation techniques

• Helping others to align

• Integrate conflicting parts of yourself

• Find your state of excellence

The NLP Practitioner course, integrated with the NLP Practitioner Advanced program, corresponds to the NLP Basic Practitioner level according to Robert Dilts’ NLPU training protocol.

The new techniques of Third Generation Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a spiritual approach to personal growth

The course is developed over 15 weeks. At the end of the course there is a practical exam test and the release of the certificate of participation.
Participation in exams, teaching materials and access to the video and audio library of the course are included in the registration.

Partecipation includes teaching materials, access to the reserved area, final exam and official certification

Nlp Practitioner, recorded Audit version with Robert Dilts on video, Questions & Answers Session plus Live Demo with Andrea Di Gregorio and practical exercise modules live on Zoom with one of our Trainer.

Course starts on Saturday February 24, 2023 

The training will be delivered in two sessions, one at 8:00 am CET and another one at 8:00 pm CET, in order to be available for eastern and western countries, every Saturday. 8th April day off (Easter)

The participants will get and watch the materials from NLPU before the plenary sessions, in order to be prepared for the live part with Andrea Di Gregorio, in which he’ll give a recap and answers to questions. He’ll also do a live demo.
After that, the participants will continue to work with Debrah Droundy into practice sessions.

Tuition: 2.000$

Special price for Trainer-auditor: 1.000$.

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