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What is coaching? 
Coaching can be defined as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. 
Coaching can be considered as a personal development activity stimulated by a Coach towards his/her client, the coachee, with the scope of developing the individual potential. 

* International Coach Federation 

Areas of Application
Depending on areas where coaching is applied and on coaches, coaching can be defined as follows: 

Executive & Corporate Coaching – dedicated to Executives or managers to support them in developing their leadership skills and/or to support them attaining business goals.  

Business Coaching – dedicated to professionals/entrepreneurs to support them in reaching their professional goals. 

Career Coaching – dedicated to the ones who wish to develop their professional growth in a strategic way. 

Sports Coaching – dedicated to athletes and/or sports teams to help them improve their performances. 

Life Coaching – dedicated to individuals, to help them improve family relationships and build and enjoy a life of satisfaction. 

As far as professional areas, there are some usual contexts where people may need training; e. g. the coachee perceives himself/herself having all necessary qualities, but not being able to express at his/her best; he /she could have a problem with public speaking, or with managing his/her co-workers, or he/she could want to improve his/her leadership style and self efficacy. 
Coaching, besides addressing to single individuals, can be successfully applied to groups. In this case it is called: 

Team Coaching – specifically designed for groups wanting to develop a better collaboration and improved working method in order to achieve shared goals. 

Group Coaching – it is where people develop their potential, especially referred to one specific subject or theme, as could be leadership in their role. The sessions are supervised by a Senior Coach and participants become Coach and Coachee the one of the other. 

What does a Coach do?
A coach helps the client to become aware of his talents, he/she supports in identifying goals to be achieved, the best strategies to get to the agreed-upon results and helps finding the motivation which enables to face the challenges and obstacles the customers wish to overcome.  

Should the coachee experience deep inner conflicts, he/she will be sent to a different professional with appropriate skills to address the issue. 

Does Coaching work? What about Results?
Coaching helps and gives the coachee a better understanding and an improved awareness of his/her inner world. This leads to widen the field and involves also other roles played by the customer in his/her private life. 
Coaching has known an increased demand on behalf of companies who want to train and educate key-role professionals in charge of changement.  

The Coaching Process
After having examined the analysis of needs of the customer, the Coach agrees upon the steps to be taken, timing and number of sessions.

Coaching sessions usually last from 60 to 90 min. at the Coach premises, or directly, at the customer’s premises. 

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All PNL Evolution Coaches are certified coaches and have years of experience. They use the precious tool represented by NLP, tested by successful athletes, politicians and managers ,which guarantees satisfactory results in a time proportionate to the aim pursued. 

(By this year sessions are also available remotely through Skype)
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