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PNL Evolution was established in September 2012. Its former name was Lexis, School of Systemic NLP, founded in July 1999. Andrea Di Gregorio, its president, feeling the need of a spiritual vision, decides to give the school a new direction. In August 2012 he chooses to affiliate the school to NLPU, headed by Robert Dilts, and updates the teachings to the contents of III generation NLP. 

Our vision consists in helping people to evolve with their heart and with their mind. We believe that caring relationships among people and the environment surrounding us is the key to evolve nowadays.

The heart, symbol of emotional feelings, of taking care of oneself and of others, represents the emotional intelligence; the mind, symbol of rationality, stresses the importance of becoming aware of changes around us to adapt our behaviors, so that they produce added value. The two symbols together represent the highest expression of the human being. 

PNL Evolution carries out its mission by helping people to grow and fully manifest their identity. To get these results the education program must be excellent. PNL Evolution’s trainers have grown up and developed themselves also thanks to what they teach. Coherence and congruity are the characteristics of our trainers. 

The quality policy of PNL Evolution includes on-going training for its trainers and the quest for excellence to offer the best. Improvement is achieved also thanks to our customers’ feedbacks. 

PNL Evolution is addressed to:

  • people interested in their personal development and in setting both personal and professional goals;
  • companies that want to grow and share the company’s values, improve the production process, develop a sound communication process in all areas of the business and promote a proactive attitude;
  • trade associations interested in helping small and medium-sized companies by means of culture and strategies, so as to empower their potential;
  • freelance professionals longing to improve their performances and to manifest their talents at their best.

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