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Exam for obtaining the NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Course objectives:
Test of acquired skills during modules NLP Master and NLP Master Advanced
The satisfactory completion of the exam entitles you to receive The NLP Master Practitioner Certification, internationally recognised.
The Master Practitioner Certification grants you the access to the 3rd year of course to become a Counselor trained in systemic NLP.

Verification mode:

Your skills will be assessed through a practical test, unless the student has attended a distance learning course.
The test sees three people involved: the Guide, the Explorer (the guided person), and the Observer (the person who witnesses the process).
The trainer gives an exercise to the group and assesses the student who plays the role of the Guide.

Attendance to NLP Master and NLP Master Adv, for a total amount of 120 educational hrs

Students of on line courses must participate to a minimum of 6 days of NLP Intense in class.


From this year on, 2017, the exam is free, no payment is needed 

The Certification issued by NLP University and signed by R.D. costs 200,00€

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