"Evolving with heart and mind"


Basic NLP techniques
that will teach you how to set yourself free and reach your goals

You can attend this basic course:
during the week end, in the evening, during the full immersion summer course,
through conference call during which you can ask questions and practise
or live-streamed followed by individual exercises by appointment, or through Skype.

Garanzia soddisfatti o rimborsati

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The world is changing! Newspapers and broadcasting channels report it every day. You, in first place, will be able to witness it yourself by spotting around you evidences of a transformation going on in some areas of your life.
The difficulties you encounter every day in your job, in your relationships with others or with your beloved ones, with yourself and your self esteem, are not about your person, but about the capabilities you have and you need to improve. In other words you are ok, but your attitudes, your ways of doing need to be ‘updated’ to the current context!
The NLP Practitioner course wants to offer you the appropriate tools to learn to communicate in a better way, to set goals having the intent to reach the results you expect, but above all to live your journey with serenity and inner peace.

You will learn how to:

  • Get easy access to your desired state
  • Reduce or even get rid of negative experiences’ effect
  • Set and develop clean and clear goals
  • Identify efficient strategies to turn your goals into results
  • Solve inner conflicts or fears blocking you
  • Quickly really connect with other people
  • Change unwanted habits opting for new resourceful behaviours
  • Increase your communication skills; increase your persuasive skills
  • Motivate yourself and others
  • Find and handle at best your inner resources

The course program is as follows:

  • NLP presuppositions
  • Well formed outcomes
  • Representational systems and communication
  • Eyes accessing cues - deciphering others’ mind schemes
  • Submodalities - appropriate techniques to change unwanted behaviours
  • Non Verbal Communication. Calibrating subjective non verbal models
  • The Milton Model and the art of persuasion
  • Pacing and Leading while negotiating
  • Anchors and Excellence states
  • Metamodel language patterns (precision language)
  • Time Line and how to access your inner resources
  • Neurological levels to understand how we all use the depth of our thought
  • Chunking for public speaking and for tuning in with other people’s mind

The NLP Practitioner Course, integrated with the program of NLP Practitioner Advanced, corresponds to the NLP Basic Practitioner level according to the educational program NLPU of Robert Dilts, CA - USA. 

The enrollment to the complete program (NLP Practitioner + NLP Practitioner Advanced) and the successful completion of the exam grants the NLP Practitioner signed by Andrea Di Gregorio and upon request, NLP Basic Practitioner certification issued by NLPU of Robert Dilts.
The course lasts 8 days, or 16 evenings. At the end the students receive a proof of participation. The course is open to everyone interested in a personal growth path designed to achieve specific results.Enrollment

Through this guarantee, should you be not satisfied with the training course, you have the right to get back he whole sum you paid. Your withdrawal has to take place within and no later than the first 8 hrs from the beginning (that is the first day, or the second evening of the course) and must be fully motivated.

For each edition of this course we grant two participations PRO BONO to social workers (assistants working for Protective services, educators,animators, and other people collaborating or working for therapeutic associations, non-profit organizations, cooperatives or communities). Candidates will be selected on the basis of an interview. To join please write an e-mail to segreteria@pnlevolution.com

During the Lugano 2016 Edition we collaborated with Progetto Città - Cooperativa Sociale Onus of Savona.
Progetto Città Savona

During the Milan 2015 Edition we collaborated with the Parish of Campolongo Maggiore, belonging to the curacy of Piove di Sacco, diocese of Padua. 
Logo Caritas Bergamo

During the Milan 2014 Edition we collaborated with diocesan Caritas of Bergamo.
Logo Caritas Bergamo

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08 Settembre 2018 - 09 Settembre 2018 - 06 Ottobre 2018 - 07 Ottobre 2018 - 03 Novembre 2018 - 04 Novembre 2018 - 01 Dicembre 2018 - 02 Dicembre 2018
From 09.00 to 18.00

By PNL Evolution, Via al Fiume 1 - Gravesano - Switzerland

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03 Ottobre 2018 - 10 Ottobre 2018 - 17 Ottobre 2018 - 24 Ottobre 2018 - 31 Ottobre 2018 - 07 Novembre 2018 - 14 Novembre 2018 - 21 Novembre 2018 - 28 Novembre 2018 - 05 Dicembre 2018 - 12 Dicembre 2018 - 19 Dicembre 2018 - 09 Gennaio 2019 - 16 Gennaio 2019 - 23 Gennaio 2019 - 30 Gennaio 2019
From 19.00 to 22.00

By PNL Evolution, Via al Fiume 1 - Gravesano - Switzerland

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10 Novembre 2018 - 11 Novembre 2018 - 08 Dicembre 2018 - 09 Dicembre 2018 - 26 Gennaio 2019 - 09 Febbraio 2019 - 23 Febbraio 2019 - 23 Marzo 2019
From 09.00 to 18.00

By PNL Evolution, Via al Fiume 1 - Gravesano - Switzerland

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