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PNL Evolution has been authorized by NLPU of Robert Dilts

Our institutional training programs adopt the American protocol. The teaching material has been translated into Italian upon authorisation and trainers, according to their own style, pass on to students the most NLP innovative techniques.

NLPU has been founded in 1991 by Robert Dilts, Todd Epstein and Judith DeLozier, and is the most prestigious reference of this discipline.

Every year students coming from all over the world share and enrich Neurolinguistic Programming in different educational fields.

Professionals with different specializations develop their NLP basic and advanced skills and apply them to their areas of training.

All trainers working at PNL Evolution have a NLPU accreditation.

Official certification in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

Training project for Italy and the Italian part of Switzerland in affiliation with NLPU of Robert Dilts.

PNL Evolution, affiliated to NLPU of Robert Dilts, is glad to present the first official certification project for NLP to Italian and Swiss-Italian students eager to learn III generation NLP. The certification granted upon successful completion of exams will be signed by Robert Dilts and Teresa Epstein (NLPU coordinator). 

It is the first project being programmed on the Italian and Swiss-Italian territory. At present it is the only offer of the kind in Italy and Italian-Switzerland granting the possibility to acquire certified knowledge of systemic NLP without having to fly to the USA.

PNL Evolution offers such a program to everyone who wants to take this path. You can participate in the Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification program by attending different sessions of the same course, during the full immersion residential program, during week ends, or evenings distributed over the seven months of the project.

At the end, upon successful completion of the exam, you will be given a III Generation NLP Practitioner certification issued by PNL Evolution and, upon request, another certificate issued by NLP University and signed by Robert Dilts.

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