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What is systemic NLP about?

NLP birth
NLP started in Santa Cruz, CA. It was founded by R. Bandler and J. Grinder who, in the 1970s, investigated the excellent results of some of the most famous therapists, such as M. Erickson, hypnotherapist, Virgina Satir, family therapist and F. Perls, the father of Gestalt. They identified a set of efficient communication tools and personal transformation techniques. I and II generation NLP was soon a success in the US, and then spread across Europe and the rest of the world. NLP was used to train human resource people, to solve specific issues and to set strategic goals.

Systemic NLP - what’s new about it?
R. Dilts, who was Bandler and Grinder’s colleague, developed and updated what the two of them had started, and founded the NLP University of Santa Cruz, bringing to NLP a new holistic vision. NLP tools began to be part of a wider field, ethics, its reference values take into account the effect that all our actions produce on the surrounding world. III generation NLP was greatly influenced by G. Bateson, philosopher and anthropologist. Bateson was the first to develop the concept of ‘system’ as the totality of relationships with others and with the environment.
This theory affirms that the wellbeing of a person is not affected only by achieving one’s personal goals, but also by an effective interaction with the whole system.
Thanks to G. Bateson, Psychology goes beyond ego and starts investigating the subtle web connecting the individuals with their totality. Systemic NLP shifts the focus from personal goals to collective scope, and offers an efficient set of tools to identify one’s own transformation skills in making not only ecological choices that respect the system, but also choices of shared benefit to oneself, to others and to the environment.

Whom is systemic NLP addressed to?
Systemic NLP can help anyone interested in personal development and in the growth of awareness. It is a good tool for professionals who want to acquire expertise in managing human relationships. NLP is used to train medical and paramedical staff, teachers, lawyers and managers.

Systemic NLP educational path
The systemic NLP path is structured into two levels, Practitioner and Master, according to NLP University protocol founded by Robert Dilts. There are also several follow-up modules.
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