"Evolving with heart and mind"


Advanced NLP program aimed at changing your limiting beliefs
and at updating your unproductive behaviours

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You will learn how to:

  • Change yours and others’ beliefs
  • Enhance your potential
  • Identify and use the ‘decisional appeals’ of other people
  • Quickly change habits or unwanted behaviours
  • Clearly define your personal values
  • Help people find their key values
  • Align values with behaviours creating congruence
  • Find your own sense of identity
  • Use unconscious mental strategies to quickly achieve results

The program groups the following NLP techniques:
  • The Hero’s journey
  • Meta programmes
  • Leadership
  • Transformation archetypes
  • The Matrix Model
  • Sleights of Mouth
  • Meta model II and III
  • The SOAR Model – Generative NLP
  • Meta Mirror

The NLP Master, together with NLP Master Advanced course, complies with NLP Master Practitioner, as required by the NLP University program of Santa Cruz, USA. 

The enrollment to the complete course (NLP Master+ NLP Master advanced) and the satisfactory completion of the examination will entitle you to receive the NLP Master Practitioner Certificate issued by NLP University , signed by Andrea Di Gregorio and, upon request, by Robert Dilts.The NLP Master Practitioner develops over a period of 8 days, or 16 evenings.
The course is open to anyone holding an NLP Basic Practitioner international Certification.

1.390.00 CHF, tax included, OR 1.290.00 CHF, tax included, if you enroll within 30 days from the beginning date of the course.

During the Milan 2014 Edition we collaborated with the Diocesan Caritas of Bergamo  
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