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The new III generation NLP techniques
A spiritual approach to personal growth
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You will learn how to:
  • Reach and maintain your inner peace of mind
  • Affect others with your equanimity
  • Observe reality from different perspectives
  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Approach solutions to problems through unconscious resources
  • Be able to use the resources around you
The course covers the following NLP techniques:
  • Develop your own potential - The Inner Game
  • Maintain your alignment - COACHing Vs. CRASHing
  • Opening to balance - COACH channel
  • Find your excellence state - Zone of Excellence
  • Learn from different perspectives - Perceptual Positions
  • Help others find their alignment - Coaching Container
  • Strengthen yourself in relation to the outside world, relax on the inside - “Rock and River”
  • The principle of Positive Intention and the Six-Step Reframing technique
  • Integrate your conflicting parts
  • Generate new behaviours
  • Explore the influence of archetypal energies
  • Congruence while communicating - Somatic Syntax
  • The self-organization theory - Supercharger
  • Principles of ericksonian hypnosis and self hypnotic techniques
  • Therapeutic metaphors
  • Mediation and Negotiation techniques
  • Cognitive strategies
  • Walt Disney’s strategy for teams
  • The field-mind view - Seeing the Field
  • An approach to solving problems - S.C.O.R.E. and Dancing S.C.O.R.E.
The NLP Practitioner Advanced course gives the person knowledge and skills of the latest development of NLP.The enrollment to the complete course (NLP Practitioner + NLP advanced Practitioner) and the satisfactory completion of the examination will entitle you to receive the NLP Basic Practitioner Certificate issued by NLP University, signed by Andrea Di Gregorio and, upon request, by Robert Dilts./span>
The NLP Practitioner Advanced path develops over a period of 8 days, or 16 evenings.

The course is open to anyone who wants to take a step up through extended NLP techniques, inspired by spiritual principles.


1.290.00 CHF, tax included, OR 1.190.00 CHF, tax included, if you enroll within 30 days from the beginning date of the course.

During the Milan 2015 Edition we collaborated with the Parish of Campolongo Maggiore, part of the Curacy of Piove di Sacco, Diocese of Padua  
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During the Milan 2014 Edition we collaborated with the Diocesan Caritas of Bergamo  
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