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Who is the counselor and what does a counselor do? Counseling is a helping relationship between an expert and a customer promoting growth, development, maturity, and improved coping with life. This profession addresses different contexts: personal development, professional growth, relationships, getting to know oneself, life as a couple, bringing up children.
These themes are often felt as difficult issues by most people, though nobody would address a psychotherapist to get by. The person asking for counseling lives his life experience feeling as if he/she is missing something, although the felt sense of uneasiness does not need therapy or psychiatric medications. What can be appropriate in this case are techniques evoking the answers the customers are looking for, so that they can find out ‘their’ solution. These issues may have emotional significant implications, but remain within reach of the individual. The counselor helps in understanding and stimulates changement through the tool of questioning, a technique he/she has to master quite well. Counseling in fact believes that we already have all the answers inside ourselves and the first goal of the customer is to identify them. The counselor facilitates such process.
Counseling is a very broad category that encompasses many opportunities in any number of counseling subfields, from public and private sectors to groups and single individuals, from housewives to managers, from schools to big companies. This profession is growing strongly, as many people are beginning to appreciate this gentle approach and understand its goals and purposes.
In Italy there are professional associations, recognized by the State, that gather all professionals. PNL Evolution is an associate member of A.N.Co.Re. (National Association of Relational Counselors). Counselors accredited by PNL Evolution are recognized as such, through the professional association, all over Italy and the world and they adopt the ethical principles of systemic NLP.
Please get in touch with us and we will provide the contact of the counselor nearest to your area.
(From this year on sessions are also available remotely through Skype)
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Tel. ITA: +39 3357059709 

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