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  • Andrea Di Gregorio
    Coach, Counselor and NLP Master Trainer. Trained at the NLP University of Santa Cruz, founded by R. Dilts. Member of the Global NLP Training & Consulting Community (GTC).
    In 1999 he founded The Italian School of Systemic NLP named Lexis, and spread III generation NLP advanced tools in Italy. In 2012 he became Director of PNL Evolution, School of Systemic NLP and of Counseling. He is a trainer affiliated to NLP University, Santa Cruz, USA. He is entitled to issue the Practitioner and the Master Practitioner certificates, signed by Robert Dilts.
  • Robert Dilts
    Trainer for special and advanced NLP courses

    Scholar, author, Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer and Consultant since 1975 when this discipline was created. He was a student at UCSC with Bandler and Grinder and their colleague later on. He studied with Gregory Bateson and Milton Erickson. He developed NLP greatly and is currently the holder, with Judith Delozier, of NLP University at UCSC of Santa Cruz, California, where NLP was born.
  • Lorenzo Boni
    Senior Coach and Team Trainer with more than 1000 hrs of Coaching and Team Coaching and 4000 hrs as Trainer in different fields. ICF member.
  • Dessislava Kostova
    Psicologa, Counselor, Psicoterapeuta Cognitivo Comportamentale, Criminologa ed esperta di Negoziazione. Membro dell'ATP (Associazione Ticinese Psicologi) e dell'FSP (Federazione Svizzera Psicologi).
  • Annaguya Fanfani
    Trainer and Relational Counselor. She teaches Counseling at the University of Siena. She has a Master in Interpersonal Relationships, Communication and Counseling and a PhD in psychology.
  • Immacolata Bruzzese
    Relational Counselor with expertise in organizational frameworks. Clinical educationalist, Teacher, Relational Counseling Trainer and Consultant. She is the President of the Italian National Association of Relational Counselors.
  • Maurizio Salvalalio
    Maurizio Salvalalio (Milan, July 5th 1960). Since 1988 he has been working as an actor and  teacher in Acting, Voice and Italian Diction for different Theatre Schools, both in Italy and abroad (Grock, Theatre School, Milan - Teatro Stabile, Genoa -  Sezione Aurea, Bergamo - Accademia della Voce, Brescia - SPID, Scuola Professionale Italiana Danza, Milano - Cambusateatro, Locarno (CH) - ). He has been leading workshops on Public Speaking and Team Building for various  companies and associations (Saatchi & Saatchi, Wella, Bergamo Local Council, European Institute of Design - Milan, European Academy, Bozen - McKinsey). He is a  theatre director, dubber and speaker. He had been working as a speaker for Radio24 Il Sole 24 ore for 6 years. He played in tv and movie productions.
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